At Boston Food Allergy Center we strive towards excelence in patient care, but don't take our word for it, here are some testimonies from our patients:

I am very satisfied with my experience at Boston Food Allergy Center. Dr. Leung is very knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He provides clear explanations and takes the time to answer patient questions. The staff at the center is also helpful, and the center is run very well. I would highly recommend Boston Food Allergy Center. – Amanda C.

I've experienced one of the best service at this clinic. The doctors and staff are very friendly and try to make sure that their patients feel comfortable. The ambiance of the clinic is bright and relaxing. The advantages of visiting the BFAC are the location, good service, and friendly staff. – Ksenia R.

The employees are very kind and respectful. The place is also very organized and simple to be in. I feel very comfortable whenever I come. Very good place! – Tony L

The staff is wonderful and very attentive to patient needs. Everyone is very kind and welcoming! Great care. – Olivia P

The absolute best doctor I've ever had- incredibly caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest, and empathetic. He takes the time to explain everything to you (procedures, results, further exams), quells your fears/anxieties, always takes your concerns seriously, and just genuinely cares so much about each patient. He really takes care of you and does whatever necessary to put you at ease/peace. I'm so glad I found Dr. Leung!! – Emma K

When I initially walked into the clinic, the cleanliness and organization immediately made me feel welcomed! Even more, the staff at the front desk were extremely accommodating for me and my children, offering children's books to read and juice pouches to drink during the (short) wait. They're friendliness has encouraged me to visit the clinic again and again! I appreciate Dr. Leung and the staffs diligent work, exceeding my expectations even though I had just a short appointment. Thank you so much for your care! If my kids enjoy going to the doctor's office, then you've won me over :) – Nadine N

Dr. Leung is by far one of the best drs I’ve had, he and his team are patient and incredibly intelligent! They genuinely care and have great appointment flexibly! – Kristyn W


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